Friday, October 29, 2010

End of My First Season - October 29, 2010

My first season as a member of the New Hampshire Roller Derby League has come to an end! It didn't go out with too much of a figurative bang, as much as a literal one... My sprained knee is finally feeling SO much better... just in time for practices to end until January! (Its okay though, because I'm taking the next couple of months to regain some strength, and re-lose some pounds ;)  Hopefully both will help me be a better skater!)

So, there hasn't been too much to report since I got hurt. I was still attending as many practices as possible. It was super hard to just sit and watch, without being able to take part. I feel for anyone who has serious injuries, because at least I knew I'd eventally get to skate again. So, I sat, and I sat, and I sat.... and gimped around... and sat and sat. September went by, then October. As soon as the doctor gave me the go ahead to begin physical training, I started skating again  - slowly with my brace and knee pad duct taped to my knee!

Its been slow going, and I've obviously been hesitant to break myself further, but last night was the final skating party at the roller rink. It was just a free skate with music, lights, and food... A fun way to end the season. I put my skates on, and started, and doing weaves. It was freeing, and I felt the breeze on my face as I was rolling around. It was so much fun! I didn't even remember that I had all that gear strapped to my knee. It never hurt me once!

I'm motivated to recover and continue on my derby journey. Its been a fun ride so far... despite all the falls, sweat, tears, pain, bruises and MRI's! Making new friends, learning how to become a better skater, getting serious exercise, participating in something greater than myself, and becoming a more confident person has far outweighed any of those negative things. I never thought I could do most of the things I've already accomplished. I know that I can do more, as long as I don't give up.... And I won't! Its way too much fun! :)

The new season begins in January 2011.
Until then, I'll be attending free-skate adult nights at Roller Kingdom in Tyngsboro, MA on Sunday nights...
Check it out HERE.

Stay tuned. :)